Complete CODI Canning Line w/ depal & labeler


Used, excellent condition

Manufacturer: CODI (Markem and Pack Leader)

250v, 3 phase

CCL-45 Can Filler and Seamer, 6 x Counter Pressure Fill Heads (30 amps)

Up to 55 12oz cans per minute

11 scfm @ 110 psi compressed air required

50 lbs CO2 required per 9.5 bbls of 16oz product

CODI depal DPL 250 w/ 3 x VFDs

3 x Twist Rinses (12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz)

Complete conveyance layout (3 amps per motor)

Filling system toolbox includes calipers, CIP cups, pin gauge, and manuals

CODI ionized rinser, 4.2 amps, 8 scf @ 100 psi

CODI Sure Dry 5hp blower

CODI code and scale - PCW-50, 110v single phase (air knife requires 2 cfm @ 110 psi)

Markem date coder - image printer

Pack Leader labeler w/ integrated pack off table & conveyance controls

Original quote/spec list available

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