7bbl Deutsche Brewhouse


Used, like new condition

Manufacturer: Deutsche 

Mash & Kettle footprint: 129" W x 106" H x 56" Deep

HLT & CLT dimensions: 58" Diameter x 103" H

System designed as a quadrant setup

Mash Tun with motorized rakes, grist hydrator, and floodlight

Steam fired kettle w/ whirlpool tangential, steam condenser, PRV, and floodlight

15bbl steam fired HLT & 15bbl CLT sized for double batches and quick knockouts

Heat Exchanger, glass wort grant, and valve center

Siemens Program Logic Control System with remote access

Platform, wort pump, HLT pump, CLT pump, process piping, and flow meter

Brewhouse only had 3 turns before decommission, drawings available, ships from FL

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