15bbl Steam Brewhouse, 3 Vessels + HLT


Used, good condition

Manufacturer: Stainless Assets mash, kettle, & HLT; Forgeworks after-market whirlpool

Mash tun features 3" drain with lauter siphon, insulated and jacketed bottom, wort receiver w/ sightglass & sample valve, and temp gauge w/ hot/cold mixing valve

Kettle features 90° wort inlet & WP jet, removable trub dam, 8" vent w/ condensate drain, insulated and jacketed bottom, 23" manway

30bbl Hot Liquor Tank features three (3) jackets, side manway, dual thermowells, sight level tube ports, 1.5" drain, and CIP arm

20bbl oversized whirlpool w/ dedicated pump

Dimensions: HLT has highest clearance of 134" w/ CIP arm; original foot print 204" x 204" added WP is 64" diameter

Three (3) brewhouse pumps total, flow meter, and VFD mounted to platform

Made in USA, drawings & original spec list available

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